Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So for those of you who follow @epicreads on Twitter you know they had a huge competition/giveaway/Idk what to call it, where you filled out a huge application applying to be a "newbie" to read one of seven different series that has the final book being released this winter. And out of 400...that's right 400 applications I was one of the lucky 14 picked! I get the FANTABULOUS honor of reading the Full Moon series by Ellen Schreiber and lookie what just arrived in the mail today.

The FIRST TWO NOVELS!! Yay! And Epicreads will be sending me an ARC of the final book when it arrives in their office. So I'm really excited to get started and for those of you who don't know the awesomeness that is Epic Reads follow them on twitter @epicreads or their website with great giveaways at and come back here to see my reviews on the first books.

<3 Courtney

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